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Old 10th December 2009
Here for the gear
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I have way too much Behringer gear. Steady replacing all of it. Yea, most Behringer gear is junk.

The headphone amp is pretty good for the money. I have 4 Behringer EP2500 power amps, not bad for the money. One by one I'm replacing them with Crown XTi amps.

Our band owns a 32 channel mixer (Eurodesk 3224FX if I'm not mistaken) that we've been using for several years. Just replaced it with a Allen & Heath Mixwizard 3 16:2 DX. Sounds so much better. Still haul the Behringer around for a spare.

We had a Mackie mixer before we got the Behringer. After about 6 months it started loosing channels. Got to where we didn't have room to plug everything in. I don't buy Mackie gear anymore.

The Behringer crossover is junk, so are the EQ's. I have a Behringer rack mounted tuner in my bass rig. Sometimes it won't tune my low E string.

But, with that said, I have to admit we have never had a piece of Behringer gear fail, Ever! Maybe it's luck, maybe it's the fact that we're very careful with our stuff, or maybe both. I don't know.

Let's face it. The only reason we buy Behringer is that it's cheap! If we can afford better stuff, we buy better stuff. When our band started out we could not afford high dollar gear. Now we play regular and have a good reputation and are replacing Behringer with better gear. We're not all born with money in the bank.

I would rather see musicians play using cheap gear, than not play at all.
Wouldn't you?