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I can't afford anything better at the moment. Even either of those I'll be getting second hand too, because I'm so broke.
And as I said, there are well respected edm producers using the truth's and they can surely afford some high end genelec's or something so I don't know what the deal is... Ian Carey and Sied van Riel off the top of my head.
No. You should wait and save and save and save and in the meantime learn nothing and produce nothing because you have nothing to monitor with. Well, I guess if you wanted to save for a better pair of monitors, you could just use some flatter bookshelfs (i.e. British bookshelfs for home stereos).

Local music store should have both those models, go in with a CD you know well and tell them you'd like to hear it on both. I know people who have the Truths and are satisfied with them. If you're going for 8s, they can cause problems if you're in a small studio that isn't treated.