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Just returned from six weeks in the U.S. running sound for a mid-level band. Alot of clubs are buying Behringer gates, compressors, eq's, and d.i.'s, and I'll tell ya', there's nothing more depressing than walking into one of these places, knowing that my job is to make the band sound good. The worst thing is the eq's. Ever tried to get a cheap Yamaha monitor loud using a Behringer eq? Believe me, it sucks when all eyes are on you and the squeal just won't come out. So you lower the volume, then the singer gives you dirty looks and says through the p.a., "I need some more vocal up here!" Sometimes Behringer makes me want to get out of the business of live sound altogether. Luckily, we're doing mostly nicer venues at this point. It makes me smile when I walk into a place and see a rack full of real pro gear!
So true. They're EQ's suck. I hate to say we use one in our practice rig (was bought before i came around and started upgrading gear) And i tell you exactly as you described is what happens when trying to get any volume in a mix using those things. Luckily we only have 1 of them and its about to be de-commissioned