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Originally posted by Paul Turpin

To start with - the topic is "Records that everyone should know" - Why does that mean we're talking about only those important to "rock" music. Besides - "Rock" is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Because I cheated - before I mentioned any records, I wrote: "I think that everyone recording rock bands should at least know", because I intended to start another thread about R&B records that are important (or that are my favorite records...) I believe I'll do exactly that.

I betcha there's enough knowledgable opinions on this group to blow my CD budget for monnths. Michael has already started a thread about important CD's of the 90's, so I'll start an R&B list.

And as I said earlier, part of the fun here are the reasons that people give for including a specific album. And you've given me more information about Jamaican music that I've heard before. It warrants further study - thanks!