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Old 9th May 2003

Fatso - clip off nasty HF transient "edge" (in plase of tape compression)

Then send to

Hedd - for excelent conversion (with optional fattening with pentode triode & tape simulations)

I have got into the habit of only using the tape & valve emulation at mixdown...(save 'double processing' in my mind)

As for I would say forget that

mic's have "character"
Pre amps have "character"
Consoles have "character"

You are chasing your tail in your hunt for a "character" description..

Fatso = A HF transient clipping / limiting device - with added compressors

Hedd = A converter with Valve & tape simualtion

I dont look for either to add character, merely make the reproduction of my signals more kind to the ears. The character of the signal has been set prior to running signal into either of these devices..