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Originally posted by Renie

How would you feel if someone "copied" the look and sound of the D and F but changed them slightly and hadn't got your permission? And they sounded

does the prospect of such a situation make you want to establish your own plug-in sooner rather than later? or do you feel that would be the wrong reason to act?
People have already put out presets of software named Distressor and Fatso. They dont sound the same.

There are lots of Vintage Plug Ins these days. Some are ok I think, and some verge on Shams. I dont think the LN1176 plug ins sound the same as the 1176, except in the most timid and generic of uses. Compare 20dB of a real 1176 on a snare sample, vs 20dB of GR on an 1176 Plug in. Set the attack and decays on 5 or so. Sound the same to you???

The LA2a's seem a bit closer I think. But Id have to check them under real world conditions a whole lot more.

Its very scary to think of putting out a Distressor or Fatso plug in, and not know they sound verry verrry close to the real thing in all situations, and take sales away from the real items. Then when people are using the plug ins, maybe they will go "EH, these things arent that great", only to miss any charm of the real thing.

I think its possible to model things so close its hard to hear the difference, but Im not ready to spend the time taking the chance. Nor risk confusing our users...

and possibly take time from developing more products.