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Old 6th December 2009
Here for the gear


I have had Q205s, replaced later with VS2108.
Great monitors, even better than 2108 in midrange, but have less low end of course.
However, there was two problems with them:
1. HF filters were non-working on both monitors because of failure design of switches mounting - broken PCB contacts under the pressure or nuts. Resolved by soldering wires above PCB.
2. HF filter (in both monitors) had wrong resistor at LF filter (mistakenly placed from Q108 scheme, which is identical, but has different filter frequencies), soldered right ones and voila - the bottom end became really big . Thanks to Wes at Quested.
Also there were non-polar electrolytic capacitors in crossover's in/out signal chains - replaced with right ones (polypropylene) and the definition became better (I think).
And as the monitors were pretty old, I've replaced all electrolytic capacitors with fresh ones, added some more capacity for power supply.
As a result there were fantastic monitors, loud, detailed and precise, mixed several albums on them. Not even NS10s needed with q205.