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Originally posted by Dave Derr
Conversely, I dont think I ever used a BW really really wide unless I was trying to achieve a shelving affect. SOooo Im wondering what is really practical, and what makes the controls too touchy. I often think I could have lived with 3 or 4 well chosen Q settings. Eight isnt too bad tho.
What about the plain old variable Q like the API 550? I gotta argee with Dave on this one, 3 or 4 Q settings should be enough, especially if it's a character EQ. When I use a full parametic the bandwith ends up in the same spots most of the time. I think 8 Q choices times 4 or 5 bands is too much, but I like simple things that sound good. If I need that much control I probably want something clean like a Sontec. I don't reach for character EQ's for control.

Is an EQ like Bear is talking about even possible? I mean, I know it is but at what cost? Wouldn't you have to have different cap networks and stuff for each basic character scheme? I'd imagine that the parts would get really expensive really fast, not to mention the labor to build it.