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What kind of stuff was in the studio? I heard you had a Ramsa board and some kind of Otari 2" deck. You also turned my friend Alan Bowers (Steel Grass, remember them?) onto 421's in a big way. For some reason I imagine racks of Distressors and Eventide stuff...

Well, I wouldnt say racks....

Yup, Ramsa boards and Otari MX80, plus ADATS later on. Early on I had a 2 inch, 16 track M56 from 3M. The beast was big and so was the sound. The Ramsa mic preamps were as linear and quiet as any Ive ever heard. Since they were in a controlled enviroment, it was a little easier on them. Im one of those people who dont think that things have to be expensive, nor discrete to be really clean and accurate these days. Linear Mic Preamps and Power Amps for studio use are straight forward in my mind. AND I DONT BELIEVE IN EXPENSIVE CABLING UNLESS THERE ARE LONG RUNS, OR FOR LIVE USE WHERE THEY GET BEAT UP. When you want color or attitude - that is a whole other issue. But I was lucky to have access to good Oscilloscopes, and distortion/noise analyzers, so I did take a lot of the guess work out, as far as linear and clean. The mic preamps very front end was discrete on them. I strapped two of the RAMSA Consoles together and they were a little modified. I still have them. The EQ's were margininal but useful when used in conjuntion with other EQ's lol. (Talk about a hedge!). Occasionally I would have Massenburg Parametrics around from a friend, but usually I used these Ashley EQ's with 4 bands. I had those things for like 15 or more years. Good parametrics make a HUGE difference in drum sounds.
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