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Originally Posted by AFinlayV
Hello everyone, and thanks so much for doing this forum, It's a great chance for peole like myself starting out in the audio industry to get feedback from some of the best in the business.

I was wondering what you all think about the idea of having a union for audio engineers which opperates more like the AFM (your feelings for the AFM in particular aside). I know we have AES, but it's more of a professional society for sharing ideas than a Union. I ask this because I have heard a few Engineers complain about the pitfalls of this profession such as: working 12 hour days with barely a lunch break 7 days a week , no health insurance, no pension, no pre defined pay scale, no lawyers on call for when clients simply refuse to pay . So I guess my question is do you guys think that an engineers union structured similarly to the AFM would help or hurt our profession?


Alex Finlay V
Nashville TN
Hi Alex, With the Independent engineer in vogue at this time it's impossible to get a union going. There is no one to inforce any rules or take care of paper work for medical bills etc. The only place I know that has a union is Capitol Studios and they do well with it. They pay well and they all have medical but they have a label behind them. I think Sony in N Y has one also.But none of the independent studios have one and I think having a union would put those studios out of business.Most studios barely get by as it is. I know it;s tough working 7 days a week and for little money but if you have a real passion for what you do you can rise above that and make pretty good money once you get in demand. Anyway to answer your question, I think it would put some of the smaller mom and pop studios out of business. Al