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I'm one of the advocates of simplicity in the other thread, by something a bit more tricked out than the basic units would be nice. Like I said there, I like my passive Siemens eq's, and the grab-and-go quality can be quite useful, but they are pretty limited in flexibility.

Is the digitatlly controlled eq idea a practical solution? Several different basic setups available in say a 4 band unit where each setup shifts the bandwidth ranges (maybe with a selection or two available in the mid bands), with selectable shelving for highest and lowest bands? I guess it would be conceptually like a hardware version of what something like the different modes that the Sony Oxford eq plug does. I think it could work in that you'd have to choose what kind of control you have before starting to tweak instead of just tweaking it to death because you have the knobs to do it.

Maybe the "overshoot" trick is something that could be selectable. But I have to imagine you would have better ideas on bringing this sort of voodoo into the box than I could suggest.

Damn, I already want it, wanton slut that I am.