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Old 3rd December 2009
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Have an album available since September on iTunes from my eccentric midwest-based indie band. Our album has done well for a debut from a local band that has not toured but plays frequently in out hometown.


Our demographic is mid-20s to mid-30s "culture followers" or "hipsters" or whatever you like to call people not interested in really mainstream music that appreciate somewhat weird or creative bands with sounds and ideals most likely based on 60's pop.

The lot of our albums have sold at our shows and through our local record store. A few through our website.

We have not yet promoted the album online. For now, the songs are on iTunes in case someone thinks of us and wants to get the album but go out and get it at that moment or something. We haven't pushed digital yet. We make more from physical sales anyway so if we can sell a physical copy we'd prefer that. I would like to promote the album online to people in cities that can't go buy a physical copy but have not researched how yet as we really have not had time to work on creating that demand.

iTunes is slow on reporting sales data to Tunecore (the service which we used to get out music on iTunes) but I am projecting that we have sold a modest 8-10 albums and a dozen or so singles in this format thus far since around mid-October or so. The few people that have bought albums or singles on iTunes have been random myspace bands or music fans that found us and the odd friend that never has cash at a show or something and is too lazy to go to the record store.

Of note though, the teenage fans that we have, just a small few, bought the album from iTunes. Apparently without even thinking of going and buying a physical copy.

I'm looking forward to see how and if sales improve with some kind of promotion online etc.