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Originally posted by Dave Derr
Theres a lot of reasons why I ask the Q question. Many of peoples favorite Vintage (and New) EQ's had fixed Q's. They couldnt mess things up with a too narrow "resonancy" Q (bandwidth). ALso, I cant remember specifically ever using a super super narrow Q and have a source sound natural or even good.
Yo Dave,

I can follow you on that... , But take the NTP eq I like so much...I would surely use them more if they had more options...

Now I donĀ“t know what you have in mind regarding the "High end eq" isue, but I would think, that one could build a somehow digital controlled analog eq... with a "classic" sound and then add options to use it both in a "normal" mode, and in a kind of "expert" mode with more options, but keep the basic sound alive.. Now where did I get that one from...???...heh

Kind regards