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Old 3rd December 2009
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i'm thinking of getting the api a2d in a few weeks and dac 1 to go with it. however i've been looking at the rosetta 200 and i kind of favor the fact is has both ad and da in one with coda. i like things apart to build on and if i'm shelling out near 2,600-3,000 for a setup i want to get something good. my issue is i know the api pres are solid for what i need with guitars and everthing and i want great converters. but i;m almost willing to risk it and pick up a rosetta 200, mackie big knob and a ua solo610 and just buy another good pre amps later in 6 months to a year to have choices. doing the math its pretty close for both setups but minus a pre amp i would add later with the second. i want great ad and da conversion and i haven't seen anything comparing the rosetta to the api a2d so i'm stuck. i just know with the api a2d i will get two great pres no matter what and can't lose but with the rosetta setup im looking at it's all seperate and allows more future options and a hell of an ad and da but it's taking a chance on the pre. i looked at a lunch box with the rosetta but that would put me over the top with money. if i'm going to shell out that much and want both great pres and great conversion if the rosetta 200 and seperate preamps is the better i'm willing to shell out a few hundred more and wait to get a second pre.

anyone have any suggestions?

rosetta 200, big knob and ua solo 610 and get another pre amp later to complete it? estimate $3,100 or
api a2d and benchmark dac 1? estimate 2,900

oh and i've been running on a digi 002 console for about 10 years now using pro tools and logic. rooms the best i can do, mostly going to be direct ins and sending midi form da to ad and doing my final masters on my converters. i'm running on a mac pro quad core, gibson les paul, plenty of synths a mixture of sure mics and my singers usually have an arsenal of mics i can borrow so i'm well covered on all those ends. also i do live sequences with some of my live bands so i'm looking at being able to incorporate this gear in a rack with that too.