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my fav's:

Violet Design Amethyst Vintage..(probably my first choice for a very versatile mic, it sounds great on just everything I pointed it).. or JZ or Beesneez or Gefell or Milab.. depends the sound you're after...btw they all have great mics in your price range, they build the capsules/mic themselves with outstanding quality, and more important they sound amazing!

Great service from all of them!!

Of course you could buy a better mic, but not at this price...(you have to go in the 4-5k least and I'd look more or less at the same companies )
All these companies cares about the quality and the components used in their mics, not only the revenues.

Try them with your own ears, and then judge, do not buy because you read on the internet..

just my 0.02$,

Hope this helped,



P.S.: I would look at Telefunken more than Peluso...but this is just me. (I'm not bashing peluso).