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So, Netflix just added the first season of SNL on their watch instantly list. The line ups were off the hook, lots more music than they do now. And after the first show, which wasn't so bad, the sound was very very good. Much better than the shows I've seen in the last 5 years or so. Live sound on TV shows has been very disappointing for quite some time. Seems strange that it would get worse.
yes indeed! First season SNL sound quality was quite nice - very acoustic and dynamic IMHO - I'm recalling John Sebastion doing 'Welcome Back' with a surprising false start after some crazy acoustic guitar feedback - nice!

Old Grey Whistle Test too - great performances - Curtis Mayfield, early Judas Priest, so many more... for that matter, much of the 70s European rock bands TV performances - sound quite good. I'm thinking about prog favs: Focus, Genesis, Van Der Graff, Yes, Gentle Giant, etc.

I've had limited experience mixing bands for local TV appearances - if it were not for me bringing in a mix production, the station would have simply used some hanging studio mics (in one instance, old RCA 44s - they would not sell them to me) and a 58 for vocalist - tutt. I did find that using a crappy small speaker did help me translate better for TV, but agree with earlier posts that the transx comp/limiting completely changed my balance - now if I had been mixing post comp/limit - at least I could have mixed to it. Ce La Vei.

On late night shows: Conan's audio changed for the worse after moving to LA. SNL has gotten marginally better over the last coupla years. Most of it (generalizing) is not-so-great. Keys / hats / strings - all usually too low in the mix.