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Ok so I sold the axiom 49 and behringer mixer and added;

Mackie Onyx 820i mixer w/ firewire interface
M-audio dmp3 pre for my new...
shure sm7b
sennheisser HD 600 cans
UAD-2 Solo flexi with the Empirical Labs FATSO plugin.

I Need another plugin and I still have about 250 in credit on the the UAD site.. I was thinking the SPL transient designer or the the Neve 88RS channel strip.

Anyway, on my list of possible adds...

Mackie Universal Control Pro
Korg SV-1 for a piano style keys and sounds OR i an AKAI 88 key controller for considerably less money and stick to my electrik piano/acoustik piano/kontakt sounds.
a UBK fatso hardware unit.
eventually a DSI poly evolver PE