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Having mixed live sound for TV going back to the Midnight Special in the 70s up to today I can assure you it's just not fun working with the broadcast side of things.

Most of the time the monitors you mix on have no relationsship to the sound that will be coming out of TV speakers. In most cases the broadcasters have the compressor/limiters set so tight there is little or no possibility of dynamics.

Some of the studios will not let the bands engineer mix the live parts but require the house "union" guy to mix the show. All you are to them is the PITA band of the week.

The transmisson bandwidth is so limited for TV you will never get a full sound.

Even guys who know how to mix and have great rigs like Ed Greene get screwed up by the broadcasting guys they are sending feeds to.

As an engineer/mixer, I'd rather mix monitors for a deaf band than mix for live broadcast.
I was hoping someone in the trenches would chime in.
The compression you mentioned is really obvious to me. I remember seeing one band on Late Night, started with just guitar and vocals. When the drums came in everything went ZIP right into the compressor. The whole sound changed drastically.

After watching a bunch of vids from the 70's I've concluded that things have gotten worse. Any comments on that? I'm I tripping?