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Old 28th November 2009
I thought I'd critique this mix because I've been mixing an '80's style track lately (which I've posted here too), so I've been referencing a lot of (early) '80's stuff lately. This sounds pretty good - definitely captures the essence of the era. The drums could be bigger though. The thing I've noticed about a lot of 80's stuff is that they really went to town in boosting the around the 4k area on the snare, so it really cuts through. I think this would definitely help the drums (perhaps a little in that area on the kick too). Be careful with standard DAW eq's though, as they can sound really harsh if you boost them too much. I think they tended to use some pretty upscale Neve desks with brilliant-sounding eq on the original 80's tracks, but using something like Stillwell Audio's Vibe Eq might assist in this task. Plate reverbs were a big part of the 80's sound, & you could use more 'verb on the snare in this... Keep the snare sounding up front & stop it from drowning by adding some pre-delay to the 'verb, though.