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I'll add to the comments about the high freq. abilities of this box (more of a cage, really). 12k - recently a twelve string DI'd (with some decent attachable pickup) through a Great River MP-2 lacked any kind of luster up top, as expected because it was DI'd. Completely cranked shelving boost at 12k on the MP brought up frequencies (added them?!) that just weren't there before. It sort of pulled out the smallest grains of everything harmonically or directly related to 12k and smoothly spread them out. Beautiful!

16k - Anytime a mix or source needs "air" and already has a fair amount of "glass", you can go wild with 16k shelf on the MP. It's smooth and bright, but not edgy, and sounds very much like it's a part of the music rather than something added to it (a definition of organic).

A little more, this time about the upper midrange with the MP: snares without enough spank, guitars without enough howl, vocals without enough command to catch your ear - I really dig juicing them up at around 740 to 1.5 khz with the bandwidth set to medium/tight.

Oh yeah and 270 hz is amazing when you need stuff to purr a little more, and dare I say it, get "WARM." Yes, WARM! There's no better word for it in this case. Mid/tight bandwidth over bell.

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