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Old 24th November 2009
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I recently bought the Rebel 20 head as an additional studio amp. No reverb, no channel switching but that suits it's purpose in the studio. Damn, it's not expensive and yet surprisingly loud...

I use it as the main recording amp now. I usually play it into an extra line 6 2x12 cab that I reloaded with a greenback and a vintage 30. Gives me a couple of options for miking.

Beware - when you sweep the Watts knob, it makes noise like a scratchy pot. That's not a problem, it's a feature of the design ;-) They all do it.

The Tube mix is more obvious at higher volumes, but I keep moving it to the 12o'clock position coz it just sounds best with a 50/50 blend.

It has a shimmering clean sound, some nice bluesy grit, doesn't really do the liquid metal sound on it's own, though I found putting an old Tube Screamer in front of it quite good. I currently have a Creation Audio Labs MW1 in front of it. This combination allows me to mess with input and boost levels and gives a lot of really impressive tones.

I think you would love this amp, for a while. I'm loving it now, probably coz it is the last amp I bought and it's fresh to my ears. We all start drooling over the next big thing though, don't we? That is what pushed me to the Rebel... very small outlay of cash, relatively tiny, so even if I don't use it every time, it's not hogging my budget or space in the store room. Since you're looking at a studio amp, this might suit you too.