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Old 22nd November 2009
The Topaz is a more recent design and thought out from the ground up to be a project studio desk, hence the compact format. Its quieter than the PC Midi, ok preamp and nice eq, groups, balanced outputs, decent routing, nice little desk and highly recommended over say a Mackie 8 bus.
The PC Midi comes from an era when the boundary between project and professional gear was much more blurred - its modular, big and heavy, old fashioned size with plenty of space between the knobs, nice preamp (good enough to track most things with without worries) and very nice - in fact absolutely lovely - eq. Definitely a character desk where the Topaz has a rather more nondescript sound. On the other hand it has no groups in the commonly accepted sense of the term (no inserts on the groups), its a bit more noisy, all unbalanced and the routing is primitive. Not a one solution desk but you can always mix in the box when a less coloured sound is more suitable. If you mix indie music or anything that benefits from a bit of attitude and grit I'd say the PC Midi, otherwise the Topaz could be more versatile.
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