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Problem is, there are no custom (or any kind of) wavetables for it, just few transwaves. Transwaves are similar to wavetables. Single transwave is made out of 128 individual single cycle waveforms. But what makes it different from wavetables is that one transwave is usually made out of two major waveform frames (first and last cycle in the waveform). Between lies the morph of these two frames. That’s how transwaves are smooth compared to wavetables.
This is exactly what the Waldorfs do as well.
You can arbitrarily fill the table with waves and the synth will interpollate the missing entries.
A difference is that the waldorf tables contain only 60 usable entries, so if the two waves are sonically very different of if you sweep too fast you will hear transitions when sweeping.

anyway, i love both the ASR and the microwave. They are both very cool.