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I would steer away from doing any major brain surgery to these, and usually it's not even needed.

You will learn with trying these things out.

Listen. What does it need? Try to keep it simple. All it might really need is some top end and some level. Don't apply compression if it's not clearly necessary. Don't use compression for level, use it for sound.

I would work with plug-ins. Get some good ones - I'm sure someone else can suggest something. A good digital EQ, limiter and a single band compressor is all you really need, and not necessarily all at the same time.

Other than that, you need to be able sequence the tracks, get the spacing right and burn CD's of good quality.
I've been finding out the hard way that I'm a lot o' thumbs with compression. When my mixes get too muddy or bogged down, I'll re-zero everything (and turn off the compression) and try to mix at as low a volume as possible to get things to sound balanced. Works for me.
Also, I've committed some cardinal sins with a mastering limiter. Those things can be dangerous in untrained hands. Like, uh, mine....