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Old 21st November 2009
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I had the same problem: before Jim spilled the beans!

No more problems here!> Finished the Jim Wills mod on the ATB today! I have to admit I havent spent any time mixing on it yet but from my 10 min test I have already noticed a huge difference. I did the master bus and all the subs. HOLY COW what a difference. The 1st thing I noticed was a defined tightening of all the transients and the massive amount of clean headroom. The noise floor has all but gone. I can now run it right into the red with no apparent distortion. Heaps of nice high end. JUST REALLY GOOD CLEAR SOUND

Have to say it wasn't the easiest mod but with a mates help we got it done in a day

BTW: If anyone is interested I have enough parts to do the master strip mod again. Obviously I don't need the spares so there up for sale $100 and ill throw in some Linea tech LT1355CN8's.


Thanks again JIM.