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Originally Posted by jmarkham View Post
A high-res digital photo of the gear stored in the Protools session folder does
the trick for me. I don't see the need for recall sheets myself.

Try recalling something like a pultec or an AMS-1580. Then try having a bunch o such pieces and having to no which is which while having to take multiple pictures of each. I tried the camera route and that didn't last more than a day. If you happen to be lucky enough to have gear it can work on and not be too picky about the precision, then it can be the best way to go. But for many of us photos just don't work very well. Oh and then add things like being in a studio where it's too dark to not use a flash, but the flash reflects off the gear hiding settings. And having a really long shutter time makes everything too blurry. It can be a real pita.