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I'll leave that last line for others to answer. The direct outs will do +21 dbu max. It is unbalanced so a -6 db drop compared to balanced output gear is normal. To retain some working dynamic range, raise the gain trims on your converter to avoid clipping.

Also avoid using the master balanced outputs to drive 600 ohm transformer based outboard gear. The 072 opamps cannot drive a load below 2k ohms without severe THD and level losses. If you must drive 600 ohm transformer input outboard gear like vintage compressors and the like, do the Toft mods I posted as that will allow driving 150 ohm loads without problems.

Jim Williams
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You are a source of many many well thought of mods and a man with an opinion, a respected opinion.

I know from reading many of your posts and threads here and other forums you flat shoot straight and have saved me money by posting your historical findings several times.

Based on the ops quote from his last post "Very diplomatic and informative" is quite descriptive of your style, very commendable.

BUT I need you to bend that diplomatic trait just a hair to answer a question. If unable to answer based on your I'm sure long delicate relationships, well you won't.

But the question is why and for what reason did Toft use all Unbalanced outs on their Pilot and 1st revision boards? They have all balanced now but all the used ones I keep finding have the unbalanced outs. What advantage does an unbalanced out have over a balanced one, someone thought it was a better mousetrap.

Some sellers have claimed to just convert to a balanced line thru various gadgets at the output or in the patchbay. BUT I am of the understanding that to have the older Tofts with the unbalanced outs converted to a true balanced console that it would require modding each and everyone of the outs INSIDE the Toft with this appropriate mod, all of them including of course the master outs.

Thank you for your consideration of this conundrum that has me baffled.

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