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Old 7th May 2003
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Interesting answer. I just got done another post about limiting control on the Fatso, saying compromising on the amount of controls a user has access to can often be a good thing, if the right decisions are made. Its almost like the "COMMIT TO TAPE" thing. If done right, no one is going to regret it.

Let me ask you all a specific question. On a parametric type equalizer, what is the minimum amount of well chosen Q's, or Bandwidths you could be happy with? 3? 4? 6? 8? etc?

Have any ideas of what the BW's would be?? (By the way, Q = 1/BW and vice versa.. BW = 1/Q). A common Bandwidth is very close to one octave, or a Q of 1.

PS I never heard of the Siemens W295b's! Have you been carousing WWII surplus stores or what?