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I bought the 002R a few years back for my home setup, which is primarily just overdubs and editing. I originally bought it more for editing, but after setting up a booth at my house, I am getting a lot of overdub work.

I use an Apogee Trak2 for my go-to converters at my main studio and the quality difference is absolutely huge. The digi converters on the 96k and 192 interfaces don't compare. The depth of the Apogee vs the 002R also don't compare, which is why I'm invested in the BLA upgrade. I also like to process tracks sometimes, and I can't imagine tracking through the 002R, then going out them AND back in through them a 3rd time being a positive thing for my audio.

My concern is the double gain stage, but even after talking to the black lion guys, there is no way around it. I guess for important tracks, using 5-8 is the key.