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If the Digi is so awful why buy it? Really, have you recorded with it or are you just repeating what you've heard. (No offense, just wondering--there are a lot of other options out there). I have an 002 and recorded my most widely distributed stuff before I got a BLA mod.

Only the XLRs provides phantom, the line inputs do not.

The line input takes line level and the mic signal is much weaker so plugging a mic into the line in isn't really an option. (there are a few threads on that subject here).

All analog inputs go thru the Digi converters.

The BLA mod will improve the 4 pres and analog line specs. but it won't avoid going through the pres on line ins 1-4.

The only disadvantage about 1-4 is that a line signal goes through some unnecessary circuitry if you choose to use them for that.

Using 5-8 and the ADAT input will get you up to 12 line ins for external pres (at up to 48K) and only 5-8 will use the Digi converters.

I set up my patch bay so that I can change what I plug into 5-8 according to my needs.