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waldorf microwave (and mwii/xt is as far as I know) isn't even single cycle waveforms - they are only half cycle waveforms that get mirrored on playback. this one is my pick of the bunch.

as far as the wavestation AD goes, I wouldn't recommend it. the editing interface is completely inhumane. but if you want to just switch it on and play presets, it's lots of fun.. sounds like film and TV, cause so many of its presets were used in soundtracks. also this synth has the longest most evolving pads of the three.

another option, the kawai k5000 is good for pads in a similar way to the wavestation. has some really long drawn out pads that just keep moving... no idea what it's like to program from scratch, but the macro knobs should at least help tweaking factory patches to fit something you are doing.

don - do the ensoniq synths let you do more with their built in rom transwaves than the EPS/ASR samplers let you do with your own samples in transwaves?