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Some very geeky questions...

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with us. I've got a long list of things I'm curious about, and I can't expect you to answer all of them, but it'd be great if you took a stab at any that strike your fancy. Thanks a lot!

1) I seem to remember reading somewhere (was it TapeOp?) that you're not a degreed EE. Where did you get your electronics chops? Have you ever felt the need to get an EE degree?

2) What do you think about all the controversy surrounding certain electronic components? Do you have strong preferences for certain brands of resistor, capacitor, transistor, etc? Do you think there's a need for soft recovery rectifiers in audio power supplies?

3) What kinds of objective measurements do you guys use when developing a piece of gear? Do you have much use for stuff like Audio Precision test equipment, or do you rely more on subjective listening tests?

4) What brand of CAD software do you use, if any? Do you do a lot of circuit simulation before building prototypes, or do you just have at it with perfboard and soldering iron? Care to share any PC layout tips particular to audio gear?

5) Is all of your assembly done in house, or do you use board stuffers?

6) Do you still have time to do much recording? If not, do you miss it?