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I've owned all three.

Wavestation A/D is an awesome piece of kit, but took Dons advice and sold it and used the KLC version which is 95% close imo. (The one exception where the software version comes good on the original) Superb choice for classic moving pads and atmospheres.

Waldorf XT Only got rid of this to get the keyboard version (which I didn't get in the end ). Probably one of the most charactoristic synths of the our modern time. I really would like to get another at some point. Listening to Boale Gerkes stuff really sold me this synth. The wavetable sounds are quite exquisit, and can create Pads like no other.

Waldorf Q Still have this, and probably always will. A sound designers dream, beautiful synth with huge potential. For pads and atmospheres probably the best of the 3. Only minus points being the stupid small LCD display and the afterthought Wavetables. Im constantly amazed at what this thing can do. Even with out the analogue filters of the + version, it can at times sound very ballsy and warm.