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Here for the gear

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Thickness of insulation in new wall.. I'd make it 4" if possible. Using 4" steel studs... Use anything that is close in specs to the Owens-Corning 703, which does an excellent job.

You could probably stack these together... or mount them with about 40 or 50 mm of airspace behind them to improve the LF absorption. - yes it will be pretty dead.. but after you get past the early reflection zone you could put up some polys or something similar to brighten up the back end... i dunno - it's soooo small..
Wow, this will actually make my room a whole lot smaller than the solution I first was thinking of, hehe. With a 4" wall, 4" from the old wall, and then a 2" layer of absorption, 2" from the new wall.. thats 12" on all siden and the roof.. hehe, tiiiny

Well, i'll make a new sketchup sketch and see how it looks.

by the way, I read a whole bunch of stuff on the Rockwool site about insulation. The say that you should always use gypsum on both sides. Is this BS? Everybody here, including you, are saying gypsum on only one side..

Thanks again!