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I know these are three different beasts but any opinions of these two for wavetable type synthesis.
There is no wavetable synthesis in Korg Wavestation.

Wavestation synth uses vector synthesis and wave sequencing which have not much in common with wavetable. It's really hard to compare them even remotely, because one uses a single cycle wave, while other uses the whole waveforms. Major difference in sound. One is smooth and dreamy, other will rip your face off.

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I'm not sure if Korg's Legacy set is available for demo, though the Wavestation module in that should give you a fair idea. It's not exactly the same as the hardware, though close enough.
Before i sold my Wavestation A/D i tested it side by side with the software version for about a week. Only difference (what it appears to me) is that Korg for the Legacy used original (non downsampled) samples. As a result you have a more hi-fi sound, more highs. This can be simply compensated with the EQ and you got 100% identical sound. Sold the A/D right after.