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Old 20th November 2009
You guise like computerz?

Sup dudes. I got a new computer. It's awesome.

i5, media series intel board
antec psu and antec solo case w/ tricool fan
xfx 9800gt
4gb RAM
genuine dvd player (actually real. No, srsly) (...srsly...)

First system I ever builded. Bought an effing ide dvd drive at first cause how was I supposed to know? Clearly that's been handled.

ANyway... Point is, besides shameless bragging, if you wanted to know if it was a good system (you're interested in something similar) IT IS.

Build it yourself or check the new dell studio xps line for the shelved ver.

THen have a dream about stealing softwarez. Make music and have the kids steal your music. Ahh karma.