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Old 20th November 2009
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Thanks for the advice Jeff and John.

Jeff: Good catch! I was indeed planning to hang a 2x4 sheet in front of the window horizontally. I forgot to add it. I'm using a pair of ADAM A7's with a JBL sub, I think those should be suitable for this size of a room. I do also have some extra ultratouch lying around from a past installation I did, that will indeed be perfect! I don't know why I didn't think of that...

John: Try to trap the heck out of the room, eh? I think I'll add a couple more bass traps around the ceiling-wall junctions.

EDIT: I also had another question: The walls surrounding the room are mostly if not all drywall. Wouldn't the very low frequencies like sub 80Hz or so just make their way through the walls and not really be an issue? So my problem area is really the 100-500Hz region?