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Lives for gear

love my waldorf MWXT. nothing replicates it to my ears. after i'd spent time w/it there really isn't a sound you can't make w/it. it excels at certain things but it can do other things you wouldn't expect it to do and it will do those things really well. it can do analog sounding basses and creamy pads etc.. but it takes time to get it to convince you.

the stuff it does really really easily is the textural organic digital stuff but the sounds have weight to them... girth. also does some really great weird digital explosive percussive things and all manner of FM digital rawness. it's a well of sound design fun. the filters are great and the possibility for ever shifting timbres is massive.

i'd say it's more 'contemporary' sounding than a wavestation AD which will have a sort of roll off at the top end and be a little darer sounding. though i'm sure it's capable and the FX are supposed to be pretty good.. though you won't have 44 knobs like on the XT and it won't be orange.

can't say anything about the waldorf Q as i've never played one. i had a microq and hated it.

the Q and XT i'm sure have different character. my heart belongs to the XT and always will.