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Old 20th November 2009
1 - well, you COULD copy your plugins folder, your presets folder, uninstall PT LE, install m-powered, then drop them back into place. Should work fine for waves (main folder is unaffected), most other "simple" plugins - may not work for superior drummer or anything that requires extra files in addition to the plugin file.
2 - if you've re-installed from scratch, yes - if not, see above.
3 - see above.
4 - yep it's exactly the same.
5 - you won't be able to install M-powered if LE is installed, so no.
6 - there's an uninstall program in the digidesign folder.

you've mentioned you're inexperienced - I would do a complete uninstall and re-install. Much less potential for things to go wrong.

Regarding installing the profire, refer to the instructions that came with it. Installing an Mbox requires the software before the interface (it probably won't do anything until the drivers are installed).