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Old 20th November 2009
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Moving from Le to M-powered (save my plugins!!!)


I made the move from Le to m powered so i could use a profire 2626 for more i/o. On Le at the moment im running alot of waves stuff as well as superior drummer, metal foundry and peavey revalver. I use a mac g5

i have a few questions that desperately need answers before tomorrow.

1. Will switching over mean i will have to reinstall all those plugins?
2. Will superior drummer and revalver not be there when i open M powered?
3. Whats the most convienent method to switch my sessions over and my plugins without downloading again.
4. will the ilok i got with Le still work on my m powered daw?

5. CAn i keep LE and have both? is this gonna **** my mac up?
6. Whats the best way to uninstall LE

*i havent put my profire on my mac yet, im assuming u do that first before installing m-powered.

Im a noob and any help would be fantastic.