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hey, you say you have a TB hard drive.
is that dedicated for audio or are you trying to record on to the same drive your op and programs are on?
If it is the later, that's your problem.. pro tools must have a dedicated drive for your sessions, and preferably another for your samples/libraries.

We had some luck with a macbook recording to the internal drive for a while, but not very stable and it flat out didn't work once, so we got a proper external and it's much happier

Our big studio pc has several drives and removable back ups!

well the entire computer is dedicated to audio haha, but yes i am recording to the internal drive. I do have a removeable Lacie Rugged Firewire hard drive but its 250Gb. would that work as a dedicatred drive?
i also have a few older HDs kicking around, would they be useful.?..
sorry i'm not to saavy with computer hardware