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Originally Posted by Edmond Dantes View Post
I am no audio expert but hopefully I can phrase this properly and let some audio techs take over and perhaps answer my inquiry.

Imagine I have a drum in a hall with a two second ambiance (ring out). I take the drum and sample it, recording a bunch of hits (strike it once and let it fade - repeat). Making a relatively decent sampling of the instrument - I chop it up and map it to my midi keyboard.

Now here is my question:

At a relatively fast brisk tempo I want to play my sampled drum and have it play something really active. However the problem is each time I play a note I get a 2 second ring out, if I play 10 notes in 2 seconds I get ten ring outs.

My question is: is this natural acoustically? Is it something I need to "tweak" -if so what would I do? Would a real drum have 10 "ring outs" being triggered in real life? Is this problem causing my sample drum to sound overly "hallish?"

Best regards and thanks for your responses.

On your sampler you should have an attack and release? Also SPL transient designer should help with this as well?