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Help on home studio treatment

Hi all,

I used to be a full time engineer but due to finances and kids I'm now in dental school. I've recently been getting back in the game a little doing some work for my local church. Until now I've been using one of the rooms that they have there, but in the next few weeks I have to move my setup home. The only room I've got to work with is a 9.5'(W) x 14'(L) x 8'(H) room that we've been using as an office / storage room. Here are some pictures of the room.


Front wall

Back wall

As you can see, both the front and back walls have built-in shelves. On the front wall, they're about 1 foot depth and on the back they're about the same, but that lower desk comes out to about a 2 foot depth to fill out that cut-out space.

Here's my rough plan:

I'm a little unsure what to do with the front and back corners since they already have shelving put in. I was thinking of placing two 2"x2'x4' 703 bass traps slanted against the front top corners with one end anchored to the shelves and the other end anchored to the ceiling. I would also fill each of the top 4 empty shelves with fiberglass batting (probably fluffy pink R30 stuff) and seal them up with fabric. Is that about right? The bottom shelves have doors to close them and I could stuff those as well.

I'm planning to place a cloud over me and two panels off the wall on each side to serve as bass traps and to create a RFZ. I could seal up the corner behind me on the right from the floor to ceiling with a 3"x2'x8' 703 bass trap and place fluffy pink stuff behind that. For the back wall, I was going to stuff the space under that desk with R30 and seal it off with 2" 703. I could possible also hang another 2" trap in the corner behind me on the left.

Other possibilities would be slanted traps over the doors on each side. The floor is entirely carpeted, so not much I can do about that.

Any suggestions or criticisms?