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Old 19th November 2009
Need some advice re: Yamaha SY77 synth

My local pawn shop has an old Yamaha SY77 I've been eyeing for awhile. They're asking $300, so it could probably be had for $250 or less. Being mainly a guitar player, I don't know all that much about these old keyboards. I'm mainly looking for something with some nice organ and synth sounds to use on my recordings. I currently have a Casio Privia which has great piano sounds, but the rest of the tonebank kinda sucks. There are a number of videos on Youtube with people demoing the SY77 and they all sound great to my ear, especially one where it's emulating a Hammond organ. Anyway, before I pull the trigger I was hoping for some good feedback (pro or con) from any fellow slutz who've used one. Thanks for any and all help.