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Old 19th November 2009
Need Expert Opinions: Repeating "One Shots" wavs vs real world repetitions

I am no audio expert but hopefully I can phrase this properly and let some audio techs take over and perhaps answer my inquiry.

Imagine I have a drum in a hall with a two second ambiance (ring out). I take the drum and sample it, recording a bunch of hits (strike it once and let it fade - repeat). Making a relatively decent sampling of the instrument - I chop it up and map it to my midi keyboard.

Now here is my question:

At a relatively fast brisk tempo I want to play my sampled drum and have it play something really active. However the problem is each time I play a note I get a 2 second ring out, if I play 10 notes in 2 seconds I get ten ring outs.

My question is: is this natural acoustically? Is it something I need to "tweak" -if so what would I do? Would a real drum have 10 "ring outs" being triggered in real life? Is this problem causing my sample drum to sound overly "hallish?"

Best regards and thanks for your responses.