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Old 19th November 2009
Here for the gear

How to route mixer and interface?

Sorry for the newbie question but … I have a Mackie 1202 vlz, a gap73, an mpa gold, an ART pro vla compressor a Firebox and Logic on a MB. I want to use the 3 channels of outboard preamps as well as the 4 1202 pres with the compressor hanging off the aux so I can apply it to all channels. No biggie, yet… I also want to run my mix out of logic into the 1202 so that I can apply compression and record the mic pres at the same time. How do I set this up?
I thought I’d run mics into the first 4 1202 channels and the outboard pres into # 5, 6, 7. Use the 1202 monitor outs to feed the Firebox 1 and 2 inputs then use the Firebox 3/4 outs to go into the 1202 8/9 ins. Finally, use the 1202 aux send/return to route to the VLA. This would have the 1202 mix the 7 mic channels down to 2 but allow me to compress everything with the VLA, no? Where do I output to my speakers; 1202 mains or Firebox Outs 1/2? Or am I hopelessly confused?
Thanks for any help.