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Your luck has kind of run out!
It was recorded on a 'domestic' 2 track machine with 4 possible tracks (2 in each direction).
Your 'pro' machine is expecting 2, half tape width tracks but the way it is recorded you have 2 quater tape width tracks on one side then you turn the tape over and you then get 2 more tracks.
Think of 4 'stripes' across the tape. On your machine it is playing tracks 1 and 2 to give Left (or track 1) and 3 and 4 to give track 2 (Right).
The original machine would be recording on stripe 1 and 3 going one way. When you turn the tape over the 'top' stripe 1 becomes 4 and 3 becomes 2, confused yet?
Basically you need a quarter inch 4 track head rather than what you have which is a quarter inch 2 track head.
Time to find and dust off a 'domestic' machine.
Matt S