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Old 19th November 2009
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Egnater 30W combo

I've searched and found mention of 20W but not the 30

any opinions- I like the "blend" feature between the 6V6's and EL84's. the verb I think is digital and I'd prefer spring, but for recording I'd typically record dry anyway.

The output vari (says down to 1W??)

anyway seems versatile-

I have a Mesa 440, a blackface Bassman, and a Champ clone, but feel the need (or maybe just the justifcation) for a new amp to have in the studio)- A friend lent me a Matchless Lightning 15, but I'm honestly not sure I'd want it.

I play various guitars/pups (PRS, modded Fenders, lace sensor, and Ric toasters)

GC has a tempting sale on black Friday