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Here for the gear

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HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY clipping caused by improper gain structure. The top 10-20dB of information has been destroyed by an opamp stage (or several) by being hit with too high of a level. There's no way to bring back the missing information.

Sorry but there's really no way to even hide that kind of distortion.
thankx for the reply... i also wanted to ask could a digital mixer play a role in the clippin ?? i made sure nothin was clipping wen i recorded through the M-audio... so the clips must hv taken place at the mixer... but do u think it could be coz of the A-D-A conversion ?? coz the mixer was digital.. so basicly analouge signal goes into the mixer gets converted to digital, gets converted to analouge again to my soundcard and gets converted to digital again.. could all this conversion be the cause of this clipping ???