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You're not Brendan O'Brien!

Thanks for the story Jeff!

I did go to GSU in the early/mid 90's. Not sure if I remember the project or not that you're talking about. Most of the classes were at a studio called Oasis and James Oliverio was the teacher.

Never was able to work at Studio One. It was gone by the time I got into all of this. I was friends with Buddy Buie and Rodney Mills (both from Studio One) and worked on many projects with those guys.
It's been confirmed that Mr. Louderock is not Brendan O'Brien. How many people worked at Southern Tracks and recorded Stone Temple Pilots? (2)

Anyway Ryan, Brendan was about to graduate GSU when he recorded my band doing this short number at one of the classes at Studio One (unfortunate copy from cassette / you get the vibe). Anyway it was 1986 and I believe the school had just purchased Studio One from Buddy Buie to use for teaching. I do remember James Oliverio. badbadger's brother informed me last night that it was Rich Goidel teaching that class at the time.

Atlanta memories ...